Sunday February 23, 2020
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Black Belt College

The Provincial Institute Of Black Belts: A Division of the Alberta Ju Jitsu Association & Goshinkan-Ryu Ju Jitsu


To complete these programs you must be a Black Belt instructor under K.D. Lintott Shihan, or a Black Belt within the AJJA (Alberta Ju Jitsu Association), or apply to be accepted as a student with AJJA or Goshinkan-Ryu affiliation.


The Black Belt College was created to facilitate a Sensei’s evolution. These programs are designed to encourage growth towards attaining excellence in teaching, while receiving continued education past Shodan Level. The program is offered complimentary to all Goshinkan-Ryu Ju Jitsu, as well as other accepted styles of ju jitsu. The systems and techniques within the Black Belt College Program are both ju jitsu and Police based.


For all levels, the Sensei is first required to take the course by approved method, after which they will write an instructor’s test. Upon successful completion of these tasks the Sensei will be required to provide written documentation where required and teach the program to a group of students (martial arts or public). The teaching portion of the process is to be videotaped and submitted with documentation.

Courses available:

Level One | (prerequisite: Shodan level)

  • Little Samurai™ Instructors Course
  • Shogun™ Instructors Course
  • Basic Self-Defense System & Simple Hold Escape System
  • High Stress Sparring Drills
  • Persuader Key Holder System (Basic)
  • Police Pressure Point System (level one)

Level Two || (prerequisite: Nidan Level; other levels may challenge)

  • Joint Locking / Escorts & Hold Down System and principles
  • Defense against a Club
  • Neck Restraints and Theory

Level Three ||| Teacher's License (prerequisite: Sandan Level; other levels may challenge)

  • Jaw Manipulation & Powers Of Observation
  • Advanced Police Pressure Point System (level two) & Advanced Persuader Key Holder System
  • Defense against a knife & Defense against a hand gun

For more information about course costs and times please contact Kevin Lintott, Shihan.

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