Saturday August 15, 2020
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Edmonton Dojo

Edmonton Jiu-Jitsu Suite # 201- 11314 107 Avenue & 10826 124 Avenue

Sunday Advanced Ju-Jitsu and Private Lessons for All Belts and up 1pm - This class is for all GMA / AJJA / and CJJC members!

Our Edmonton Dojo is 1600 sq/ft with two change rooms. 
Our training floor is 1600 + sq/ft with 2 inch thick Swain style mats made by Dollamur on an Olympic sprung floor underneath the Dollamur surface.these are by far the best Ju Jitsu mats for Nage Waza (throwing techniques).

Training Schedule

Private Lesson Now Available

OUR Goshinkan Team Instructors:

K. D Lintott Shihan, Kyoshi ||||||| Sichidan (7th Degree Black Belt) Goshinkan-Ryu Ju-Jitsu
April Lintott Sensei
|||| Yodan (4th Degree Black Belt) Goshinkan-Ryu Ju-Jitsu
TJ Maksymiak Senpai
Nikyu (1st Degree Brown Belt) Goshinkan-Ryu Ju-Jitsu

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