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Licensed Instructors

Menkyo (Licensed) Instructors:

Licensed Goshinkan Ju-Jitsu Instructors are instructors who have completed the three level programs and have been granted one of the five Menkyo (12 courses) under Shihan K.D. Lintott, Kyoshi. The Sensei is first required to take the course from Shihan Lintott or another licensed Goshinkan instructor, after which they will write an instructor’s test. Upon successful completion of these tasks the Sensei will be required to provide written documentation where required and teach the program to a group of students (martial arts or public). The teaching portion of the process is to be demonstrated with submitted documentation to Shihan Lintott.

After completion of various levels the Senpai or Sensei may be granted one of the five Goshinkan-Ryu Menkyo. Only fully licensed instructor's are able to test and teach all levels of students the various belt levels of the Goshinkan system (this generally is at Sandan level depending how much time the student has put into the courses). The licensed Sensei must re-certify yearly to maintain their license. Black Belt tests will only be conducted once yearly or as need unless otherwise announced they will be conducted by Shihan Lintott. Where available a Goshinkan Black Belt panel may conduct the black belt test.

There are very specific requirements to be awarded with one of the Menkyo in Goshinkan-Ryu Ju-Jitsu. The requirements to even be considered for such an achievement are very stringent and take many many years to achieve.

Shoden Menkyo - The Beginning Transmission License

Chuden Menkyo - Instructor Mid Level License

Joden Menkyo - Upper Level Instructor License

Okuden Menkyo - Secret Level and Master Instructor License

Menkyo Kaiden - License Of Total Transmission

The Below levels are courses that an instructor can physically challenge in addition to various Dan rankings in Goshinkan JuJitsu. Instructors are not necessarily given a Menkyo based on the requirements alone, they are to supplement the Senpai or Sensei's abilities.

Shoden Menkyo - Level One | (prerequisite: Has been invited to test for Shodan level and/or Shoden Menkyo. Application or invitation to complete Shoden courses can be made anytime after Green Belt has been achieved)

  • Little Samurai™ Instructors Course
  • Shogun™ Instructors Course
  • Basic Self-Defense System & Simple Hold Escape System
  • High Stress Sparring Drills
  • Persuader Key Holder System (Beginner)
  • Police Pressure Point System (Level 1)

Chuden Menkyo - Level Two || (prerequisite: Has completed the Shoden Menkyo and has been invited to test for Nidan Level and Chuden Menkyo; other levels may challenge)

  • Joint Locking System / Escorts & Hold Downs
  • Defense against a Club or a Bat
  • Bilateral Vascular Restraints

Joden Menkyo - Level Three ||| (prerequisite: Has completed the Chuden Menkyo and has been invited to test for Sandan Level and Joden Menkyo; other levels may challenge)

  • Jaw Manipulation
  • Advanced Police Pressure Point System & Advanced Key Holder System
  • Defense against a knife & Defense against a hand gun

For more information about course costs and times please contact Shihan Kevin Lintott Kyoshi - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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