Thursday September 24, 2020
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Sensei Matt Bailey

headshotSensei Matt Bailey ||| Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt) Goshinkan-Ryu JuJitsu
Chuden Menkyo Goshinkan-Ryu JuJitsu;  Instructor of Goshinkan Jujitsu

Home Dojo: Goshinkan JuJitsu Red Deer,  AB Canada
Affiliations: Alberta Ju Jitsu Association; Edo Machi-kata Taiho-Jutsu;
United States Ju-Jitsu Federation (USJJF); World Ju-Jitsu Federation (WJJF).

He has been in Goshinkan-Ryu Ju Jitsu for over eight years training under Sensei Kevin Lintott, Renshi. As of 2010, he was graded under Shihan Lintott and achieved Sandan. Matt volunteered on two of the AJJA committees and helps with fundraisers. He also helps teaching the adults class and also the Little Samurais. He has trained under Guro Joel Huncar (Arnis), and Dave Rathnow Sensei in Iaido.

Sensei Matt continues to pursue his ongoing training in martial arts to further extend his knowledge of self-defense.

Sensei Matt was the personal student and Uke for Shihan Kevin D. Lintott for ten years. He is a founding member of the AJJA and instructor for all Goshinkan locations.

Sensei Matt is a driven instructor teaching the Adult, Junior Shogun™ and Little Samurai™ programs. He specializes in teaching students the Way of the Goshinkan JuJitsu Warrior, and Persuader Key Chain™ Holder classes to groups of all ages. Sensei Matt brings a unique perspective to the art, he has truly learned the Way of the Warrior and has past on these critical parts of history from the lineage to hundreds of students.

  • Over 13 years experience in Ju Jitsu
  • Holds Black Belt ranks in two styles of modern Ju Jitsu
  • Holds Diplomas for the level One and Two Black Belt Teacher Program which is the full Goshinkan teaching license under Shihan Kevin D. Lintott, Renshi
  • Director of the Alberta Jiu-Jitsu Association
  • Self Defense Instructor
  • Persuader Key Holder™ Instructor
  • Sensei Bouchard's current rank is recognized by AJJA (Alberta Jiu-Jitsu Association); WJJF (World Ju Jitsu Federation)
  • Certified Goshinkan-Ryu Ju Jitsu Master Instructor
  • Chuden Menkyo Goshinkan-Ryu Ju Jitsu
  • Women’s, Beginner and Advanced Self Defense Instructor
  • Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) Instructor
  • The second Goshinkan-Ryu Ju Jitsu black belt under Shihan Lintott

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