Thursday August 17, 2017
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This page is to capture up coming events for Goshinkan Ju Jitsu and the Alberta Jiu-Jitsu Association. You can also check out our three facebook pages the host Goshinkan and AJJA events here!

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Details YudanshTesting
This is going to be the largest Shodan testing in Goshinkan in over ten years. Four of our excellent Senpai are testing for the coveted Shodan with the title of Shodan and their first Menkyo license under the original founder. Senpai Chris Falk; Senpai John Hare; Senpai Josh George and Sensei Tim Johnson. Please come out for this event I would like a pot luck at the Dojo afterwards, maybe even a silent auction. Click Here to veiw the Facebook Event Page! Please invite your friends and family to attend we are charging $5 for a seat which includes snacks and bottle of water.  

Goshinkan Jujitsu Red Deer
25 - Belich Cres,Bay 110, Red Deer, Alberta T4S 2K5
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