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Pure Japanese Nage Waza At Goshinkan Ju-Jitsu we have been around longer than any other Ju-Jitsu Dojo in Alberta.  Constantly improving with state of the art Pure Japanese Nage Waza for over twenty years.
Leave the Ego at the Door At Goshinkan Ju-Jitsu you will always find an open and inviting training environment. Whether you are new to martial arts or have studied other styles or disciplines, we are certain you will find a focused and accepting environment in our dojos.
Black Belt System for Success Set a goal; Take action; Pay attention to detail; Change what is not working; Practice, practice; Leads to Mastery of Goshinkan Ju-Jitsu and life

Practical and Effective Goshinkan Ju-Jitsu is a devastating martial art. One of the predominant tenets of our style is each technique can be learned in 3-minutes or less. If a technique is simple to learn then it follows it will be simple to apply in a stressful situation.
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Thursday September 24, 2020
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